Submission guidelines

BIS 2007 proceedings will be published as a volume in Lecture Notes in Computer Science series by Springer Verlag.

  • papers should be submitted via BIS Reviewer System in PDF file format and formatted according to LNCS guidelines; before the submission you will be required to register yourself in the system and also add your co-authors to the system and then attach them to the paper; you may submit many papers using one account
  • links to submission systems for BIS 2007 workshops can be found on the home page
  • language of publication: English
  • please include a 100-word abstract at the beginning of the paper, which clearly presents the achievement or contribution of the paper
  • please include 4-7 keywords best describing your paper
  • we understand that you submit your original work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere, and that you agree to publish your work when it is accepted by the Program Committee; you will be required to send a signed copyright form as required by Springer at a later stage
  • at least one author should register for the conference and present the paper; only registered authors' papers will be included in the proceedings
  • the authors will prepare the final manuscript in time for its inclusion in conference proceedings

Information for LNCS authors may be found here.

Howto add keywords to Springer template

To add keywords to Springer LNCS Latex template you need to add in the "preamble" (before "

") the following code:

       \list{}{\advance\topsep by0.35cm\relax\small
                                     \bfseries Keywords:]}

Then you can add your own keywords in the following way:

firstKeyWord, Second keyword...

Thanks to Willy Picard (Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Technology

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