Conference Theme

Semantic integration of data and processes across enterprises and societies

Main topics of the conference:

business process management

  • semantic business process management
  • adaptive and dynamic processes
  • supply chain processes
  • ERP implementations
  • applications and challenges of RFID technology
  • ontologies for Enterprise Content Management
  • semantic web applications
  • natural language processing and cognitive science
  • semantic integration of heterogeneous semi-structured information sources
  • business models for Web information integration and aggregation
  • interoperability of heterogeneous information systems
information retrieval and filtering
  • search over semi-structural Web sources
  • hidden Web search and crawling
  • data integration from Web information sources
  • modeling and describing evolving data sources
  • adaptive integration of evolving data sources
  • location-aware and geography-centric information retrieval and filtering
  • information gathering support for knowledge-intensive enterprises
  • social networks and social wikis
  • semantic web personalization
software engineering
  • ambient computing
  • grid technology and its innovative applications
  • semantic grid
  • P2P infrastructures
  • wireless and mobile applications
  • multi-agent distributed systems
  • information systems engineering
  • security in distributed systems
web services
  • service oriented computing
  • composition and orchestration
  • semantic web services
  • trust and QoS in systems
  • service level agreements
  • public sector services usability

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