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BIS 2002 International Conference invites researchers and practitioners to submit papers that contribute the results of research in business information systems as well as papers that report on industrial IT projects. The Program Committee particularly encourages presentations of practical papers on industrial experience or on the validation of prototype implementations. Topics are restricted by the scope of the conference as defined above and they include inter alia:


Business Intelligence Track: Knowledge Management, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Decision Support Systems, Integration of Information Systems, Web Warehousing, Web Mining, Balanced Scorecard



Filtering Track: Information Filtering, Adaptive Filtering, Collaborative Filtering, Web Filtering, Knowledge Representation for Filtering, Textual and Multimedia Information Management Systems



E-Business Track: electronic transactions and banking, commerce and payments on the Internet, standards, protocols, communication systems, virtual organizations, marketplaces, CRM



Process Track: process-oriented organizations, workflow, information flow.





7th International Conference BIS 2004

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International Society for Computers and Their Applications German Informatics Society  Naukowe Towarzystwo Informatyki Ekonomicznej

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