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BIS 2003 Special Sessions:



Information Retrieval and Filtering (IRaF) for Business Applications Special Session: knowledge representation, query languages, e.g. media or domain specific; profiling and personalization; search strategies, e.g. agents technology; document indexing, categorization and clustering; information extraction; (multi)media IRaF; multilingual and cross-lingual IRaF; adaptive filtering, collaborative filtering, Web filtering; IRaF from the Internet to information systems, e.g. digital libraries, ERP, CRM; portal technology; textual and multimedia information systems to mange information retrieved and filtered from the Web; evaluation of IRaF [IRaF CfP]



Ontologies for Business Information Systems Special Session: Semantic Web for
Decision Support, Searching the Semantic Web, Web Services Integration, Ontologies for Data Warehousing, Workflow, ERP, CRM, E-Business [OntoBIS CfP]



Project Management Special Session: Strategic Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Scope, Risk, Staffing, Process Support [PM CfP]


Software Agents in Business Information Systems Special Session: E-business challenges, Computation economic processes, Theory and practice of agent-oriented Web applications, Agent Systems, Agent System Development, Business Applications of Agent Systems, Information Systems, Business Computing, Multi-Agent Systems, Virtual Organizations [SABIS CfP]



System Security Special Session: Network Security and Management, Computer Crime [SS CfP]



Time Aspects of Business Information Systems Special Session: Time References in Web Documents, Time Granularities in Document Collections, Time Granularities in Databases, Temporal Reasoning [TABIS CfP]





For more information on special sessions please contact Marcin Paprzycki marcin@a.cs.okstate.edu or Pawel Jan Kalczynski Pawel.Kalczynski@utoledo.edu (special sessions coordinators)





7th International Conference BIS 2004

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