Esteemed Colleagues and Guests:

In just a few short weeks, we will be welcoming you to the site of the BIS 2003 Conference hosted by the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. In anticipation of your arrival, we would like to offer the following general information to ensure your visit is a pleasant one.



If you are not registered in the dorms, or wish to extend your stay in the area well before or after the conference, please check the BIS website for suggested hotels.  Should you choose to reside in the hotels, please be sure to make your reservations directly.


A late entry in the hotel considerations is the LA Quinta Inn at Garden of the Gods Road.  This hotel is a 20 to 30 minute walk from campus.  They have promised a rate of $29.99 for a room, whether it be a single room, or for 2, 3, or 4 people.  There are a limited number of rooms at this rate and reservations are made only at the local hotel desk (719-531-5900).  You must mention BIS 2003 to get this rate.


Campus Map:

Dorm registration will be made in the Monarch Building.  Conference registration will be in the 3rd floor reception area of the University Center.  [campus map]


Transportation Information: - car rentals, Colorado springs - car rentals, Denver; - ground transportation, Denver - ground transportation, Colorado Springs.  Please note that public transportation is Colorado Springs is reliable, but infrequent in schedules.  If you plan your trips carefully you can use the system effectively.  However, the infrequency of the schedule and limited routes make impromptu use impractical.


Foreign Exchange:

Please note there are no currency exchange facilities at the Colorado Springs Airport.

In order to get the best rates for your currency conversions, it may be best to anticipate your cash and/or Traveler Cheque needs and exchange your currency prior to departure or in the international airport you travel through.  Banks are not close to campus, so conversion of foreign currency will require a trip downtown.


Once in the United States, only our International Airports will offer foreign exchange.

In the event of an emergency, you can use your credit card at local ATM machines to obtain cash, so it is advisable to bring a credit card with you if possible. There is an ATM on campus for those able to use credit cards for cash advances.



This is Colorado and the city is at an elevation of 6000 feet.  As such, the weather in June is very unpredictable.  For what it is worth, the Colorado Springs Average Temperature (in Fahrenheit degrees)  in June is a low of 52º and a high of 80º





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