Call for Papers

Topic of interest

BIS 2004 International Conference invites researchers and practitioners to submit papers that contribute the results of research in Business Information Systems as well as papers that report on industrial IT projects. The Program Committee particularly encourages presentations of practical papers on industrial experience or on the validation of prototype implementations. Topics are restricted by the scope of the conference as defined above and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Retrieval and Filtering (IRaF) for Business Applications Special Session: ontologies and knowledge representation, query languages, e.g. media or domain specific; profiling and personalization; search strategies; document indexing, categorization and clustering; information extraction; (multi)media IRaF; multilingual and cross-lingual IRaF; adaptive filtering, collaborative filtering, Web filtering; IRaF from the Internet to information systems, e.g. digital libraries, ERP, CRM; portal technology; textual and multimedia Information Systems to mange information retrieved and filtered from the Web; evaluation of IRaF

  • Ontologies for Business Information Systems: Semantic Web for Decision Support, Searching the Semantic Web, Web Services Integration, Ontologies for Data Warehousing, Workflow, ERP, CRM, e-Business

  • Business Aspects of e-Learning: Individualization, Improving Learning, Increasing Access, Sustaining Innovation, Cost Reduction

  • e-Government and Information Society: Standards for information and process interchange; political and societal implications of e-Government; Institutional change and IT-driven modernization of public governance structures; legal interpretation and administrative decision making

  • Legal Information Systems: Legal data and legal databases, retrieval of multidimensional legal contents, standards for legal information interchange, standards for law on the Web, XML legal standards, impact of legal information systems on the law, Interactive and 'intelligent' legal services on the web, legal ontologies

  • Time Aspects of Information Systems Special Session: Time References in Web Documents, Time Granularities in Document Collections, Time Granularities in Databases, Temporal reasoning

  • Project Management of Business Information Systems Special Session: Strategic Project management, Project Portfolio Management, Scope, Risk, Staffing, Process Support

  • Technology Transfer Track: Knowledge Management, Social Impact of Technology, Product Innovation, Technology Business Incubation, Economic Impact of technology, Cultural Impact of Technology

  • Software Engineering for Business Applications Track: Requirements Specification, Database Development and Applications, System Design, Implementation Issues, Software Quality and testing

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