Student Session

Web Services – what are they? Just a new hype or the next big thing?
During this year student's session we will try to answer that question.
First the participants will be familiarized with the general idea of Web Services and then with more advance topic, namely ontology language for Web Services.
The second part of the session will be quite practical. It will be shown how to become a Web Service provider, how to publish and find a Web Service, and also that when building Web Services, providers can use open source solutions as well.
The future of Web Services will be discussed in the last part of our session. The usage in e-Learning and in project called EVEREST will serve as an example. The whole session will end with an open discussion about the future of Web Services.

For more information please contact Monika Kaczmarek:

Session I - Web Services

  • Web Services - Julia Gwizdala, Monika Kaczmarek
  • Ontology for Web Services - Agata Godlewska, Andrzej Kyc

Session II - Web Services - more practical view

  • How to become Web Services provider - quick tutorial - Jacek Kopcinski, Dominik Zyskowski
  • UDDI in practice- Michal Kowalczewski
  • PHP and WS - Wojtek Rutkowski

Session III (WS - practical use, the future)

  • WS and e-learning - Jakub Kreczmer
  • eVERest - Marek Bartus
  • discussion about the future of WS

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